The personal story of this technology enthusiast broke the traditional mold of the jewelry trade by giving it new life, for André Benitah creations will leave no one indifferent. His jewelry is a marriage of gold, resin, fine gemstones and diamonds and resembles him: eager with its colors and sizes, and innovative with its material. The result is intense, poetic and exquisite.

André Benitah’s career path would not suggest that he’d become a jeweler. After studying technology, he worked several years in automobile and motorcycle bodywork and boat hulls. He became accustomed to working with resin, and was seduced by this material with its multitude of possibilities. He decided to transpose it to jewelry-making and started with his first rings in 1975.

As a child, André loved working with clay to sculpt miniature models. By seeking out this same pleasure, he was led to focus his research on the properties of resin until he created the perfect product: unbreakable and resistant to aging. The jealously guarded formula allowed him to take up jewelry-making in 1985. The press quickly became interested in this trailblazer.

Although his first jewelry items were mainly made of black resin, reminiscent of onyx, today they are resplendent with thousands of delicately nuanced colors that can perfectly match the tones of the gems set in them.

Indeed, André Benitah’s success is due to the spectacular choice of colors he gives. By constantly imagining new colors to unite resin and gemstones as a lithesome and sensual pair, he sculpts the material until he creates the perfect piece.

The designer has always adored technique, and he doesn’t hesitate making his tools himself, helping him to meet the specific needs of the craft. As a result, his workshop has machines that are rarely used in traditional jewelry-making.

Today, André Benitah is a famous name in the world of jewelry and jewelry-making in France as well as the rest of Europe, Japan, the United States, the Middle East, South America, and so on. 

André Benitah jewelry captures light in an allegory of gold and colors. The pieces are small masterpieces of passion  and perfection.

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